ReBar – A Israeli fruit-juice and shakes concept in Tel Aviv

As you may already know, in Israel there a lot of new innovations, not only in high technology, but also in the food retail industry. While in most cases they are not healthy, these new concepts nevertheless produce savoury tastes. That is one of the reasons I wrote this post for you, because I want you to know ReBar.

If you plan to take your first trip to Israel, and you don’t mind falling off your diet, you have to pass through the place I’m about to describe.

Created in 2006, the ReBar brand is one of the most well-known and successful makers of fruit and vegetables juices, and shakes in Israel.

It possesses various counters all over the country, which are very recognisable due to their central positioning – in almost every mall and even occasionally on street-sides – and to their iconic design.

The menu is very diverse and is likely to suit a variety of people, containing both healthy and unhealthy beverages, available at your choosing.

I, personally, like the Rejoy shake, which is basically some Nutella and banana shaken together with some milk. Over time, I became a kind of a Rejoy addict, which is why I have developed my own recipe to improve its taste.

I just ask the bartender to add strawberries and granola to the original drink, and I end-up with the best shake out there.

Listed below is the location of 6 ReBar counters in central Tel-Aviv:

  1. ReBar Tel Aviv Azrieli Mall Center (Kosher).
  2. ReBar Tel Aviv Port.
  3. ReBar Dizengoff Center.
  4. ReBar Ibn Gabirol 84, Tel Aviv.
  5. ReBar Sarona Market.
  6. ReBar Mikado Center.

There is however one setback at ReBar. The taste of your drink may differ from place to place, because each place has its own bartenders, and each bartender prepares the drink slightly differnelty.

I usually buy my drinks at the ReBar counter of the 7 stars mall in Hertzliya, and most of the time I’m very pleased with the produce.

But in case there is a problem and you are not satisfied with the results, do not hesitate to ask for another drink.

I wish you the most pleasant journey in Israel.

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