The Tel Aviv Food Scene and the Top 5 Finest Restaurants

There is never a shortage of exciting things you can do while in Tel Aviv. From clean sunny beaches to a vibrant non-stop nightlife, Tel Aviv has everything for everyone. However, the true secret of the beautiful city can be found in its culinary scene. The Tel Aviv food scene is a blend of influences from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and North Africa. It leans more on fresh vegetables, lemons, and olives with a subtle touch of spices and delicious spreads generously lavished on bread. Keep in mind that the highest percentage of vegans in the world is found in Israel, which is why plant-based menus seem to be prevalent everywhere in Tel Aviv. Being a coastal city, Tel Aviv has an abundance of fish and seafood with plenty of grilled meat just about anywhere you go except in kosher restaurants. Exploring the city’s restaurants is a journey of simplicity spiced with rich flavor.

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